Current Affairs 1st Class

  •                      All living organisms have life e.g., human beings plants, animals Birds, insects.
  •                       The various characteristic of living things are as follows:
(i) They need food, air and water. (A boy eats ice cream, animals eat grass and flesh of other animals, birds eat grains and insects etc.) (ii) They can move, Human beings and animals move on their own, Plants cannot move but show movements. Example: Human beings, animals, plants. (iii) They can grow over a period of time. (Infants grows into adult, kitten grow to become a cat. (iv) They can breath            (v) They can reproduce (vi) They grow old and die.  
  •                          Both plant and trees are living things as they grow, breath and show movements.
  •                         Non- living things do not have life e.g., bed, pencil box, T.V. bottle etc.
  • more...

Air and Water   Air and water are two very important things for our life. We can live for few days without food, but we cannot live for a moment without air.   Air Air is a mixture of gases. It is all around us. We can neither see it nor can touch it. Bid we can feel it's presence. You can understand this from one simple exercise. Take a balloon. Blow air into it. The size of balloon will increase. This shows that air causes the balloon to blow. Now take a pin and prick the balloon. All the air will come out and the balloon will fall flat.     Air makes the life possible on earth. Not only have human beings, even plants and animals also needed air to live.   Water Water is a liquid. It is colourless, tasteless, odourless and is very necessary for our life We need water for: (i) Drinking (ii) Cleaning (iii) Taking bath (iv) Various household works (v) Growing plants (vi) Our factories and industries and for many more purposes.   Sources of Water Rivers, lakes are the sources of pure water. Wells are the sources of ground water. Tap water that comes to our homes is collected from rivers but first purified in water plants and then supplied to us. Seas and oceans are the big water bodies. But we cannot use this water for drinking because water of seas and oceans is very salty. We should drink clean water. Because drinking unclean water may cause many diseases.

My Family and Relatives   We all live in a house with our father, mother, brother and sister. Our parents, brother and sister make our family.   Image result for family   A small family in which mother and father live with their children is known as a nuclear family. Again, in some families not only parents and children, but also their uncle, aunty their children along with grand parents live together. Such family is called a joint family. All the members of a family generally have common surname. Brother of our father is known as paternal uncle. Brother of our mother is known as maternal uncle. Our uncle's children are our cousins. Our family is our first teacher,                             A chart is given herewith to give you an idea of a family tree:    Related image Structure of family tree                                         If you count yourself, your mother, father, your sister and brother as a family, then other peoples shown in the diagram are your relatives. Every member of a family, whether it is a small one or a large joint family, has a very important role to play and needed by all the other members. Similarly a family has important role in the area in which it stays and other families depend on it. These families, when taken together, form a society. The members of a family have many things in common. They look similar, talk and behave in a similar way. Some members of a family are sometimes affectionately called by a short name, which is known as pet name or nick name. Some families follow certain practices which may not be followed by other families. Such practices are called customs of the family. Our family and relatives are the important part of our life. They help us in our physical and mental development.    

Our Neighbourhood   Neighbourhood The places near our house is our neighbourhood. In our neighbourhood there are many houses. People who live in those houses are our neighbours. In our neighbourhood there are many places, which are very useful to us.   Post Office A place from where we can send letters.   Image result for Post Office   School A place where we study and learn. Image result for school   Hospital A place where doctor treats us when we fall sick.   Image result for hospital   People who Help Us
  • There are so many people at work in our neighbourhood.
  • Teacher helps us to learn.
  • Doctor treats us when we are not well.
  Image result for Doctor Images in Full HD  
  • Vegetable seller sells vegetables.
  • Mason makes houses for us.
  • Watchman guards our houses.
Image result for  Watchman guards  
  • Carpenter makes furniture for us.
  • In our school, number of people works.
Teacher: Teacher teaches us different subjects. Gardener: He keeps our garden and playground proper and grows plants and grasses wherever required.      Image result for Gardener   Sweeper: He keeps our classroom and school campus clean and tidy.   Image result for Sweeper   Gate keeper: He takes care of the school gate and keep records of the people visiting our school. Principal: Principal is the head of the school. Librarian: He takes care of the library of our school.
  • We learn many things at our school:
  • We learn to read and write.
  • We learn to draw.
  • We learn to do sums.
  • We learn to share our things with others.
  • We learn many games and take part in sports and other activities.
  Our Pets Many people keep some animals in their houses. These animals are called pets. Some people keep fishes, some keep parrots, some dogs and cats at their homes as their                                                                                        Fish                             Dog                              Parrot   All pets need a place to live in. Fishes are kept in an aquarium. Rabbits live in a hutch. A dog lives in a kennel.            Image result for Rabbits live<a href= more...

Good Habits and Safety Rules   Safety Safety is the state of being safe from any kind of harm or danger. For safety we have to follow some safety rules which are as follows:   Related image                     Related image                                              Cross a road at zebra crossing                always follow traffic rules     v   
  • Always walk on the footpath.
  • Before you cross a road look right then left and then again right.
  • Do not play on the road.
  • Do not lean out of the window of your school bus.
  • Do not play with blades or knives.
  • Do not play with fire.
  • If you are hurt tell your parents.
Habit Habit is a routined behaviour that is repeated regularly and when a behaviour is repeated again and again, the process is known as habit formation. Habits can be of two types: good habits and bad habits.   Some Good Habits
  • Wishing your elders and teachers.
  • Keeping things at their right places.
  • Waking up early in the morning.
  • Eating healthy food.
Image result for throwing garbage into the dustbin               Image result for exercising daily Throwing garbage in the dustbin                     Exercizing daily     Some Bad Habits Image result for biting nails                          Image result for FIGHTING WITH OTHER biting nails                               Fighting with other  
  • Playing in the classroom
  • Laziness
  • Speaking lie
  • Leaving food in the plate
  We adapt a habit easily but once developed it is difficult to get rid of it. So, we should be aware of our habits.    

Mental Aptitude   Introduction In mental aptitude, there are questions in which you have to think about the question in a logical way. The questions of mental aptitude may be based on numbering of alphabets, completing the patterns of drawings or shapes, finding the missing figures or finding the number patterns. There is a certain relationship between the things.   Given in the patterns. You can easily answer such type of questions by observing that relationship given in the questions.   Concept of Patterns In this chapter you will learn various patterns based on shape, size and number, patterns are particular arrangements.   Ascending Order Pattern It is the sequence of number from smaller to bigger. Let's see the following patterns of pencils shown below:     Here number of pencils in each consecutive figures is increased by a gap of 1. It's a forth counting from 1 to 6.                            Descending Order Pattern It is the sequence of numbers from bigger to smaller. Let's see the following patterns of pencils shown below:     Here, number of pencils in each consecutive figures is decreased by a gap of 1. It's a back counting from 6 to 1.   Pattern Based on Rotation Let us see another following patterns:     Here, each shape is rotated anti-clock wise direction in each next step. Or, we can say that each next figure is turned to its right.   Let's see another example:   H Here, in each figure, the shaded part is turned anti-clock wise by one step.   Number Series In the number series, numbers are arranged in a certain pattern. You have to find the missing number. See the following example:   Example: Find the missing number.   more...
Clothes We Wear   We all love to wear colourful clothes. It covers our body. It also protects us from insect bites, from cold in winter and from heat in summer. Do you know that in ancient days what people used to wear? They used to wear tree leaves and skin of animals as clothes.   Image result for ancient man But today we wear clothes of various varieties and colours. Clothes worn by male and female are different.   Male Wear                                T-shirt                          Trouser                                Formal Shirt                            Kurta Pajama     Female Wear Image result for saree PNG hd images                             Image result for salwaar kamiz PNG hd images Saree                           Salwar Kameez                                 Image result for tunic PNG hd images Girl T-shirt                               Tunic   We wear clothes according to the seasons. In summer we wear cotton clothes. Because it keeps us cool in summer. Image result for frock PNG hd images                   Cotton Frock                           Cotton Shirt   During winter we wear woollen clothes. Woollen clothes keep us warm in winter.                                                                               Sweater                       Coat  Jacket We wear a raincoat when we go out in the rain.   Rain Coat   We wear school uniform when we go to school. Image result for school uniform PNG hd images   People in different parts of the world dress differently. Related image       more...

Living and Non - living Things   Our world is full of living and non-living things.                        Living Things All the human beings, plants, birds and animals are living things. They are called living things because of the following features: (i) They need food. (ii) They need water to drink. (iii) They need air. (iv) They grow with age. (v) They feel pain if you hurt them.     Non-Living Things Book, pencil, desk, chair, table, road, car, bike, bicycle, toys, bed, TV, fridge, etc. are non-living things. They are called non-living things because of the following features: (i) They don't need food. (ii) They don't need water. (iii) They don't need air. (iv) They don't grow. (v) They don't feel anything if you hurt them.  

Human Body   Human beings are living things. We take food when we are hungry. We drink water when we are thirsty. We feel pain when someone hurt us. Our body is like a living machine. It grows in height and size with age. Image result for human body Our Body Our body has many parts. We call these parts as organs. There are two types of organs in our body: (i) External organs (ii) Internal organs   External Organs and Their Functions External organs are those parts of our body that we can see. For example, eyes, hands, fingers, nose, mouth, etc. Below given are the functions of some of the important external organs of our body.                                                                                        Eyes help us to see.                                               Nose helps us to smell.                                                              Ears help us to hear.                                               Skin helps us to feel.                                                                           Image result for Skin helps us to feel. Legs help us to walk and run.    Hands help us to hold things, take our food and to do other activities.  Fingers help us to hold our pencil and write. Tongue helps us to taste food. Image result for Tongue helps us to taste food   Internal Organs and their more...

Plants   Plants are living things. They can grow but they cannot move. Types of Plants Big Plants Tree: Big and strong plants are called trees. For example, Banyan tree and Mango tree.              Related image                         Banyan tree                          Mango tree   Small Plants Shrubs: Small plants which are strong are called shrubs. For example, rose and sunflower.  Related image                                             Rose                                                Sunflower   Herbs: Small plants which are weak are called herbs. For example, mint, coriander.   Related image             Related image                                  Mint                                                              Coriander          Plants that Cannot Stand Straight Creepers: Plants which grow along the ground are called creepers. For example, pumpkin and watermelon. Image result for pumpkin                    Image result for watermelon                                                                                       Pumpkin                                  Watermelon   Climbers: Plants which climb up by taking supports of other plants, sticks or walls are called climbers. For example, money plant and pea plant. Image result for money plant                                       Money Plant                             Pea Plant   What we get from Plants? What we get from Plants? We get clothes, fuel, shelter, wood and many other useful things from plants. We get food from different more...

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