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 A dedicated monitoring cell was opened under Mission Bhagiratha to invite grievances and issues of supply of drinking water. 
  • Highlights
The aim of the cell is to get prepared to address water scarcity of summer. The cell constituted will record complaints and redress them without any delays.
  • Mission Bhagiratha
The Mission Bhagiratha is a safe drinking water project that was launched for the state of Telangana. It aims to provide drinking water to every village and city household. It will supply clean drinking water from the rivers Krishna and Godavari.
  • River Bhagirathi
Though the mission is named “Bhagirathi”, it does not denote the river. According to hindu culture Bhagiratha, is an Indian king who brought the holy river Ganga to the earth. River Bhagirathi does not flow in Telangana. It flows through Uttarkhand state. It is the source stream of the Ganges.

  The celebration of festival “Chapchar Kut” has commenced in the state of Mizoram. Chapchar Kut is the biggest and the most joyful spring festival of Mizos. This festival is held when the bamboos and trees that have been cut down are being awaited to dry to be burnt for jhumming. The cheerfulness of Chapchar Kut also features the dance and music events to keep everyone in good spirits. The celebrations of the festival started with mega event held at Aizawl. The festival celebrations also featured the traditional bamboo dance “Cheraw” along with other dances which attracted thousands of people.

 ‘Namaste Orchha’ festival begins in Orchha, a town in Niwari district of Madhya Pradesh. Orchha is a famous tourist destination popular for its Ramaraja temple as well as other historical buildings. The festival aims to create new opportunities to promote the rich cultural, natural and architectural heritage, traditions and history of the state.
Highlights of the Namaste Orchha festival:
  • “Namaste Orchha festival will exhibit the cultural landscape of Madhya Pradesh through a series of activities such as art, music, dance, guided history tours and photography.
  • The tourists will be provided with the special helicopter services from Gwalior to Orchha and Orchha to Gwalior.
  • During the festival, Kisan Mela and business meets will be organized.
  • The festival will feature food and crafts bazaar containing local cuisine and traditional handicrafts of the region.

  The state government of Uttarakhand has announced that “Gairsain” will be the summer capital of Uttarakhand. Gairsain is a tehsil located in Chamoli district. The historic announcement was made by the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Trivendra Singh Rawat on the conclusion of his budget speech during the assembly session held in Gairsain. The state Assembly of Uttarakhand is located in Dehradun while assembly sessions are also held in Gairsain. Uttarakhand was formed on the 9th November 2000 when it was carved out as a separate state from Uttar Pradesh. It became the 27th State of India. After the formation of the state, Dehradun was stated as the provisional capital of Uttarakhand. Garsain was always demanded by the statehood activists as the permanent capital of the state.

 Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath inaugurated and laid foundation stones for 23 development projects worth Rs 2,821 crore at Gautam Buddh Nagar in Noida on 3rd March 2020. Among the 23 projects, 13 projects were inaugurated at the total worth of Rs 1,452 crore, while foundation stones were laid for 10 projects worth Rs 1,369 crore.
The various project setting up:
  • India’s biggest multi-level parking with space for 7,000 vehicles at Sector 38A, Rs 500 crore.
  • Underground parking for 276 cars and 42 two-wheelers at Sector 5, Rs 32.25 crore.
  • A government hospital in Sector 39, Rs 344 crore.
  • Three power substations at Sector 148, Rs 366 crore.
  • Two power substations at Sector 38A, Rs 98.45 crore and Rs 10 crore.
  • A foot-over bridge at Sector 145 metro station (Rs 10.81 crore), another in Sector 62 (Rs 5 crore), one between Sector 71 and 72 (Rs 5 crore) and four pink toilets in sectors 16, 15, 28 and 74 (altogether costing Rs 0.76 crore).

  The Arunachal Pradesh Assembly went paperless with the implementation of e-Vidhan, a project under the Digital India programme. With the implementation of the e-Vidhan project, MLAs can access every information regarding the Assembly, see the list of business and read questions and other documents pertaining to House proceedings through their laptops and tablet computers. The initiative will make all the proceedings in the house paperless. The Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly is the unicameral state legislature of Arunachal Pradesh state in north-eastern India.  The Legislative Assembly comprises 60 Members of Legislative Assembly directly elected from single-seat constituencies.

  Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has launched “Suposhit Maa Abhiyan” in his constituency Kota, Rajasthan. This Abhiyan is to provide nutritional support to pregnant women and adolescent girls. Om Birla appealed to every section of the society to cooperate in the malnutrition-free India campaign. Under this Abhiyan, 1,000 pregnant women would be given food items for one month. At the same time, the health of the child, including medical examination, blood tests, medicines, delivery, would be covered. It is a campaign to preserve and maintain the health of our future generations.

  Haryana government will open Atal Kisan – Majdoor canteens across the state. These canteens provide affordable and cheap meals to farmers and labourers at a concessional rate of 10 rupees per plate in all mandis and sugar mills. 25 such canteens will be established this year. This was stated by Governor Satyadeo Narain Arya during his address to the Budget Session of State Assembly. Haryana government will also provide free and concessional travel facility to 41 different categories of residents in the ordinary buses of Haryana Roadways. Under a new initiative, the women and girls belonging to 11 lakh BPL families will be given sanitary napkins free of cost during the year 2020-2021.

 On February 21, 2020, the Maharashtra Government ordered to destroy the Thai Mangur fish breeding centres. This is mainly because the fish is cultivated in unhygienic conditions.
  • Highlights
The fish whose breeding is to be stopped in Maharashtra is commonly called Thai Mangur or foreign Mangur or African Mangur. As they are being cultivated in unhygienic conditions and have enough potential to make people sick, their breeding centres are being destroyed. The National Green Tribunal in 2000 banned the cultivation of the Thai Mangur. So far, the State Government has destroyed 32 tonnes of Thai Mangur
  • Thai Mangur
The Mangur Fish was banned in India as the fish poses threats to other fishes in an ecosystem. A study in Mumbai says hat the Mangur fish is responsible for 70% decline in native fish species of the country
  • Why so Popular?
In spite of several drawbacks, cultivation of Mangur and their sales is popular for its surviving capabilities. The fish grows 3 feet to 5 feet. They can survive even in mud waters between rains. Other factors such as omnivorous diet, burrowing capabilities, ability to survive on land and ability to hide in vegetation make the species easy and economical for farming.

 “Run for India Tea” has been organized in collaboration by Tripura Tea Development Corporation (TTDC) and Tea Board of India in Tripura. The event has been organized to further promote and popularise Tripura tea alongside India tea and to boost the tea industry in the state. TTDC is also planning to expand tea supplies through fair price shops across the state. “Run for India Tea” event was followed by a colourful tableau procession which featured the participation of large number of tea workers wearing traditional dresses. 6,885 hectares of land in Tripura is covered under tea cultivation constituting 58 operational tea gardens among which 42 gardens are owned individually, three are run by Tripura Tea Development Corporation (TTDC) and 13 are operated under cooperative societies.

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