Why Studyadda?

Studyadda is the perfect platform for the various educational solutions you have been looking for. From previously solved sample papers to self-assessment tests to regularly updated study material, Studyadda has it all for you. With its distinctive, outstanding features, Studyadda stands apart from its various likemindedcounterparts. Let us see how Studyadda is unique, informative yet the most user friendly web portal for you :

Updated Information: Being distinct from many educational sites, Studyadda regularly updates its content with the current educational trends. It has an endeavour to reach out to the youth in the quickest possible manner. Readers can easily gather all the latest educational news, exam alerts and be abreast with the educational events happening globally.

For all Genres: Studyadda is not exclusively for competitive aspirants. Ranging from 6th to 12th class till the Engineering and Medical students, Studyadda provides an ideal platform for all. Whether it is parents, teachers, the youth or children, each genre can find their many answers on Studyadda.

Affordable: In comparison to the wide array of education sites swarming the web today, Studyadda is distinct because the study material available online is very reasonable in monetary terms. Catering to the pocket of the average student, Studyadda aims at providing the best online educational information at a minimal cost. With an aim to reduce the heavy bills of costly books and tutorials, Studyadda is the answer each aspiring youth is searching for.

Examination Boards: Whether it is ICSE , CBSE or any qualified board, Studyadda caters to providing you easy solutions to the answers you are searching. With theory notes, previously solved question papers or well prepared study materials, you shall find them explained easily online at Gur4Home.

Self Assessment Tests: It is the endeavour of each member of Studyadda to empower its young readers to test themselves thoroughly before appearing in competitive exams. The mission of this web portal remains to encourage the readers to take user friendly, captivating and scientifically structured self-assessment tests to gauge their own skills and chisel themselves better.

Periodic magazines: Studyadda is unique in its approach due to the renowned periodic magazines it provides to its avid readers. Magazines like Hybrid, PMT Times and IITJEE Times are duly delivered at your doorstep at a minimal subscription price.

Brainchild of IIT Students : As Studyadda is the brain child of some enthusiastic IIT students, its information is most updated, apt and the perfect target for IIT aspirants and the like. Study materials, well researched from students who have gone through the various stages and examinations, enriches the essence of Studyadda.

Strong Foundation: Reaching out to Studyadda enables each student to develop strong analytical skills and rational thinking which can build a steady foundation for future aspirations.

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