Current Affairs 1st Class

Living and Non-living Things   Synopsis
  •  Things can be grouped as living things and non-living things.   
  •   Living things have life in them and non-living things do not have life in them.      
  •   Living things
  1.         need food and water     2.         breathe     3.         can move by themselves   4.         can reproduce     5.         grow          

Plant Life   Synopsis  
  • Plants are of many types. They are of different shapes and sizes.                                         
  • Big and tall plants are called trees. Trees have strong woody barks and branches.           
Example: Mango, Neem, Banyan etc.             Related image                         Banyan tree  
  • Small plants or bushes with woody stems are called shrubs.                                                 
Example: Hibiscus, Rose, Cotton etc.   Cotton plant  
  • Small plants with soft stems are called herbs,          
Example: Mint, Tulsi, Chrysanthemum, Coriander etc.,   Image result for tulsi Tulsi  
  • Plants with weak stems that need support of other plants, sticks, walls etc., are called climbers.      
Example: Grapevine, Money plant. Bean, etc.                                              Money plant  
  • Plants with weak stems that grow along the ground are called creepers.                       
Example: Pumpkin, Bottle gourd etc.                   Image result for pumpkin plant Pumpkin      Flower is the beautiful part of a plant that produces seeds or fruit.   Sunflower    Fruit is the fleshy part of a plant that grows from flowers and have seeds inside them.   Pea   Seeds have baby plants inside them.                        Seed with baby plant   Plants give us food grains, fruits and vegetables.      

Animal Life   SYNOPSIS  
  • There are many kinds of animals around us.
  • Some animals are big and some are small.  
                Elephant                     Rabbit  
  •  Some animals like birds fly in the air.
      Image result for Tern png                                               Tern  
  • Some animals live on the ground.
                                                                   Cow                     Horse
  • Some animals like fish live in water.
  • Some animals like frog and tortoise can live both on land and in water.
                                                   Frog                    Tortoise  
  • Some animals like monkeys live on trees.
  •  Some animals like cats, dogs, rabbits and birds are kept at home.
          They are known as pet animals.                             
  •  Pets are like our friends and live with us as members of our family.
  •   Animals like lion and tiger that live in jungles are called wild animals.  

Human Body   Synopsis  
  • Our body is made up of different parts called organs.
  • Eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin help us to know the world around us.   
  • To keep fit we must keep our body clean.  
  •  Exercise helps to build strong bones and muscles.
  • Posture is the position in which we keep our body when we sit, stand or walk. We should keep our back straight.  
  • We need good food to grow stay healthy.
  • Some foods help us to GROW.
  • Some foods give us ENERGY to work and play.
  • Some foods keep away diseases. They help us to remain HEALTHY.    
                               Fruits                             Vegetables     

Air, Water and Weather   Synopsis
  • Air is all around us. We feel the air when it moves.
  • We need air to breathe.
  •  Plants and animals need air to breathe.
  •  Air fills space.
  •  Air has weight.
  • Fire needs air to burn.
  •  Water is needed for life.
  •   Plants and animals need water.
  • We need water for drinking, bathing, cooking and washing.    
  • The weather changes every day.
  • Weather depends upon the sun, the clouds and the wind.
  •  We need clothes to cover our body.
  •   We should wear cotton clothes in summer and woollen clothes in winter.
  •  We need a house to live in.
  •  Our house keeps us safe from heat, cold, rain and strong winds.  

Safety and First Aid   Synopsis
  • Safety habits help us and others.
  • While walking on the road always walk on the footpath.
  •  While crossing the road use the zebra crossing.
  • When you travel by a bus always stand in a queue. Don't get into or get off from a moving bus.
  •  When you play, do not play games on the road. Always play in the open playground.
  • Obey the traffic rules. 'Stop' when the light is red and go' when it is green.
  • Safety rules while swimming: Do not swim alone in the swimming pool. Go with an adult. Use swimming tubes, floaters or arm bands while swimming.
  •  First aid: Is the immediate medical help given to an injured or sick person before the doctor arrives.

Our Universe   Synopsis
  • We see the sun, the moon and the stars in the sky.  
  •   The sun is like a big hot ball.
  •  The sun rises in the east.
  •  The sun sets in the west.
  • The moon changes its shape everyday.
  •  The stars shine at night.

  Living and Non- Living Things Around Us   The things that we see around us are either living or non-living.                Living things                               Non-living things     There are some features that separate living things from non-living things.  
Features of living things Features of Non-living Things
(I) They need food (I) They don’t need food
(II) They need water to drink (II) They don’t need water to drink
(III) They can move on their own (III) They can’t move their own
(IV) They need air to breathe (IV) They don’t need air to breathe
(V) They grow with age (V) They don’t grow
(VI) They reproduce (VI) They can’t reproduce
  1. Which one of the following is an example of living things?   (a)  chair                      (b) Boy (c)House                   (d)Table (e) None of these Answer: (b) Option (b) is correct because a boy need air to breathe, can move, eat, grow. Therefore, rest of the options in incorrect. 2. Which of the following is the example of non-living thing?  (a)Rabbit                     (b)Rat (c) Girl                                 (d) Pencil (e) None of these Answer: (d) Option (d) is correct because a pencil don't need food, don't breathe, don't move their own don't grow. Natural and Man-Made Things Some non-living things like rocks, wood, water are found in nature. These are not made by man. They are called natural things some non-living things like train, house pen, clothes, book are not found in nature. These are made by man. They are called man-made things.            Natural and Man-Made Things Some non-living things like rocks, wood, water are found in nature. These more...

                                               Plants and animals   Plants Plants are living things. These are of different shapes and sizes.   Type of Plants Tree: Big plants are called trees.       Neem tree                        Mango tree   Small Plants Herbs: Small plants which are weak are called herbs.                  Mint                              Coriander   Shrubs: Small plants which are strong are called shrubs.                   Rose                         Sunflower Plants that "Cannot stand straight   Creepers: Plants that grow along the ground are called creepers.                              Pumpkin                             Watermelon   Climbers: Plants which climb up by taking supports of other plant, sticks or walls are called climbers.                      Money plants            pea plant Parts of Plants   1.        Which one of the following is not a tree? (a) Banyan tree                 (b) Mango tree (c) Tulshi tree                     (d) Coconut tree (e) None of these   Answer: (c) Option (c) is the correct answer because tulsi has weak stem and small in size.   Animals There are different types of animals in the world. Some animals live on land as well as in water                  Crocodile                Frog               Duck     Some animals live only on land                        Cat                    Horse               Sheep   Some animals live on trees                                   Monkey                   Woodpeker                         Koala   Some animals live only in water                                          Octopus                       Fish                       Jellyfise   Insects Insects are small animals                 Mosquito    Housefly         Cockroach   All the insects have six legs and some have wings which can fly.              Butterfly         Ladybug       Dragonfly   more...

                                                                 Food We Eat   Food makes us strong and healthy. It gives us energy to play and study. Most of our food comes from plants. Some animals also provid us food. Which help us to grow. For example                               Milk                                      Eggs   Some food give us energy. For example rice, butter, bread etc.                                   Rice                                              Bread   Some foods keep us healthy.                           Lady finger                    Carrot                           Banana                                   Green beans                        Papaya                       Apple                                  Mango                    Guava   Generally we eat vegetables after cooking. But there are also some vegetable we do not need to cook before eating.               Tomato                  Cucumber                   Onion   We generally take three meals in a day. In the morning we take breakfast. We take lunch in the afternoon. And in the evening we take dinner.   Good Eating Habits
  • We should eat food regularly, otherwise we will fall sick.
  • Fresh Vegetables and fruits are good for health. So we should eat such food daily drink at least eight glasses of water daily.
  • We should take healthy drinks like lassi, cocnut water, lemonade.
  • We should eat less sugar because too many sweets, toffees and chocolates can spoil our teeth.

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