The best teacher of IIT and Medical at your home

In this age of competition almost each and every parent dreams that his/her child should study engineering from IIT or NIT or become a doctor from the best medical college. Thus allured/tempted by the advertisements and by giving lump sum fees, they get their children admitted in coaching institutions. But through coaching institutes, only such intelligent students get selected in competitive exams, whose IQ level is already high and those who need only slight guidance. Such coaching institutions give even 100% scholarship to such students and give them facilities of eating, lodging and boarding also. Some even give handsome amount of money to them, to study in their institution. Special batches of such students are made and they are taught by the best faculties. But the average students have to pay full fees and still they are ignored by the coaching institutions and are taught by unknowledgeable, inexperienced tutors who are not upto the mark. As such good knowledge of the subject, experience, the way of teaching, devotion, understanding the problems of the students are the essential qualities of a good Coach/Instructor.

Understanding the need of a good instructor education portal is made by IITians and doctors. According to a survey done on internet more than 81% of students have voted for Indian’s best teacher Lalit Sardana Sir and this website has made available, the lectures of Lalit Sardana Sir for the students. All the visitors and users of this website consider that Lalit Sardana Sir has equal command over Hindi and English, both the languages. In a very easy language he is able to teach from very basic to high level because of which even the concepts of the weakest student can be made crystal clear. Lalit Sardana Sir, A.I. Ranker (243rd) in IIT-JEE is in the teaching field since 1997 and teaches all the 3 subjects i.e. PCM with full honesty, devotion and dedication.

From 20 years, in a small city, he himself is teaching all the 3 subjects PCM and many students have been selected in IIT and Medical under his mentorship/guidance. According to Lalit Sardana Sir, teaching is effective only when even the last ranker is able to understand, whatever is taught by the instructor. Having 20 yrs. of long experience and solely working, more than 450 students have been selected in IIT (though many students were weak) under his guidance. He knows very well that while teaching, what type of cross Q’s could be coming in the mind of the students. Thus simultaneously, he goes on giving the answers of those cross questions during his lectures/teaching. That is the reason where others could speak for only 5-10 min/s on any topic but Lalit Sardana Sir can speak up to 60-70 min/s on the same topic. He is also invited by various well reputed schools for Seminars, Counselling and preparation tips.

Financially and mentally, weak students are also benefited by the free-of-cost lectures of Lalit Sardana Sir. By his immense knowledge, easy understanding and attractive way of teaching, even a weak student could understand the concepts very clearly. According to his students, he starts a from very basic and takes the students into the sea/ocean of deep knowledge. Students those who attend his online lectures call him “Mine Of Concepts’,knowledge and explanation.”

Along with the great teaching skill, the examples given by him and the questions solved in his lectures are such that all the questions asked in JEE, NEET, AIIMS, KVPY, Olympiads are from the lectures of Sardana Sir. When his students faced the exam of IIT, NEET etc. they felt as if the question paper was made by Lalit Sardana Sir.

Seeing the great teaching skill of Sardana Sir, on the website the place is given to Sardana Sir’s lectures only. He has 18000 visitors everyday on this website to see his video lectures. Along with students, even parents like to see the lectures of Lalit Sardana Sir. They see it with great interest. More than 4000 teachers also like to watch Sir’s lectures to improve and groom their knowledge and to learn various teaching skills. Apart from students, parents and teachers, more than 300 schools in our country have subscribed him.

Through Study Adda, Sardana Sir’s fame is spreading in whole country. His followers have been increasing in Pakistan also.

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