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  • Attachments In Law Journals

    Wed, August 6th 2014


    Print editions of journals in the inventory of the library system of the Freie Universität Berlin are completely in the online catalog detected. There, helps the search by magazines on. It demonstrates the most to members of the FU licensed at the FU-line journals. Important: A large number of full text available at the Free University of Anglo-American journals and journal articles located in tMore.


    Thu, July 24th 2014


    An earthquake is a very dreadful natural calamity. When the surface of the earth trembles, we call it an earthquake. It is caused due to the relative movement of seismological plates within the earth. It releases a lot of energy. An instrument called seismograph is used to measure the force of an earthquake. The point where an earthquake breaks out is called the epi-centre of the earthquake. If More.


    Wed, January 15th 2014


    A cyclone is a violent storm. It never comes alone. Heavy showers of rain, thunder and lightning are its companions. When a cyclone blows, it moves round and round in the form of small circles. It always changes its course when it blows. It does not move in the same direction like an ordinary storm. It occurs mostly in warm parts of the world. India is in this region of the world. Hence cyclones oMore.


    Tue, December 31st 2013


    Last year, our school visited the Deegha Beach among other places. The Deegha Beach is situated in Midnapore district in West Bengal on the Bay of Bengal, about 300 km from Kolkata. We took night bus from Kolkata. It started at 10 o'clock. Our teacher took the seat near the door while we all sat behind. We sang songs, cracked jokes and talked to enjoy ourselves. We all fell asleep at about 12 o'cMore.


    Fri, December 27th 2013


    Last year the National Book Trust of India organized The World Book Fair at Pragati  Maidan, New Delhi. It was a –grand Occasion for me. As I am very fond of books, I with my friends decided to visit and watch this mega festival. The entry was free for the students. Hence, we went to the Book Fair on the Very inaugural day. The book fair was indeed a spectacle to watch. There Were hoarMore.

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