Archives February 2003

US scientists have brought some cheer to on otherwise gloomy period marked by the Columbia tragedy and president George Bush's continued threat of war. Newly formulated drugs ore beginning to redefine the hitherto dreaded disease, cancer transforming it from 'killer' to 'chronic'. The big C will soon take its place among other controllable chronic diseases 'like diabetes, and asthma. Cancer is caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a par) of the body, resulting In a malignant growth or tumour. Till recently, cancer was synonymous with pain and fatality- All that has changed now with medical breakthroughs signalling new and better ways of dealing with the disease. Chemotherapy and radiation - remedies which were often cited as being worse than the disease for the strong side-effects they induced — are today being complemented with other drug therapies designed to slow down the growth of the cancer and in more...


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