Archives April 2004

What prompted me to write this editorial are the newspaper reports on exam scams, which happen every year -sometimes its CBSE, sometimes AIIMS or some other exam, The fault lies with system which has many loopholes to be plugged. Magnitude compels the problem as there are too many students and too many exam centres (especially in CBSE PMT). Advertisement luring the parents are becoming a common thing. Parents are either too gullible or too desperate for their child's career that they blindly fall into the trap. The kingpin runs away with the money and the students & parents ore left high & dry as they have lost both the money & childs career opportunity. Modus operandi is simple during PMT times — a small advertisement is released in major dailies promising a PMT seat. Gullible parents call up & meet the 'middleman' who promises them a seat either by leaking more...


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