Archives May 2006

From Bongalore to Delhi, students ore agitated. The apparent reason is reservation of seats in higher education. It will be naive to suppose that the real things at stake ore a few more seats. It is the discrimination that is annoying. When Martin Luther King held his long march to the Capitol, the stakes were not the right to take tea in hotels with the whites. It was against discrimination of all sorts. If today we call ourselves Indians, it is thanks to our freedom fighters and visionaries such as Gandhiji, Nehru and Sardar Patel. It was not an accident that we have in our preamble to our constitution - Liberty, Equality and Fraternity in that order. There can be no equality without liberty and no fraternity without equality. Reservation of gold medals is not the way to encourage developing countries in Olympiad. One does not accept charity. Medals are more...


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