Archives October 2001

Bio toxiris ere poisons produced by living organisms and their synthetic equivalents and are classed as chemical warfare agents if they are used for military purposes. Although biological warfare, sometimes coiled germ warfare, has never been officially employed on the modern battlefield, the increased amount of research and testing of disease-producing viruses and bacteria tor military purposes has caused worldwide alarm. Some typical examples of biological warfare agents might include: Anthrax, Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B {SEB}, Bubonic pneumonic plague, cholera, plague. smallpox, glanders, meliodosis, morburg and ebola Infections, lasso infection, machupo infection and may other hemorrhagic fevers and various encephalitis and other bio-engineered agents. The threat of the international use or even accidental release of o airborne "class-4" biological weapon (BW) is, in some ways, far more frightening to analysts and researchers than that of a chemical release, for which there may be known specific antidotes and counter-measures. In the case, more...


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