Archives August 2007

Considering the number of American tourists who make a bee-line for Ayurvedic massage and treatment in the holiday resorts, the attempt by the Government of India to create awareness of Ayurvedic Science among those in medical profession in foreign countries is welcome news. We are aware of the families of the great Vaids who practice Ayurveda, doctors who take up homeopathy for social service, and Siddha and Yoga Acharyas for curing diseases and maintaining good health. What we lack is sheer numbers. However, if the benefits have to percolate down to the masses, the government may have to open medical colleges for every system. The easier and faster method is to identify the experts in the field, request them to open and run those colleges with grants from the governments   state and central. Of course land and building and infrastructure will be needed. But to run them one needs men. Materials more...

The earth's protective mantle is getting polluted. All resolutions to reduce CO2 emissions have to be supported by finding alternate sources of cleaner energy. Wind power, solar energy, hydroelectric plants and nuclear energy are some of the sources which can help us to reduce pollution and in addition show the way to attain self-sufficiency in petroleum products also. We had been neglecting solar harvesting for a long time. Karnataka is making use of it in a big way. However for industrial consumption, hydroelectric power and nuclear reactors are the only sources which do not pollute and also produce power in sufficient quantity. For a country like India with 700 million people, to sustain our industries, we need to develop different types of power reactors and particularly those which are also breeder reactors to avoid importation of fuel materials. Our friendly nations had been and will be often under their own political more...


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