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Panic and caution are two different things. Caution comes from knowledge. Panic or extreme fear of the unknown is a form of helplessness. Our country, as every other nation, has known many epidemics. After every war, along with famine, the country had a succession of fevers, plague and cholera. Malaria, dengue and typhoid are also not unknown in our country. Tuberculosis is another danger. The standard formula, used to contain any contagious disease, is isolation. The isolation wards in hospitals are more risky to doctors and other patients, because of the density of the sources of contamination. Along with special diets and total rest, isolation at home with prohibition of access to the patient for every person expect the one who is nursing was strictly enforced. For small-pox and chicken-pox, a bunch of neem leaves will be hung on the gate outside the house to indicate that outsiders should avoid more...


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