Archives June 2007

Let us stop this "Marche Arriere" right here and now. After more than twelve years of school education and a few years in colleges, if our students cannot be trained to think of themselves as Indians first and Indians last, we cannot expect anybody else to take up this job. Economic or social backwardness has to eliminated/ not only physically but mentally. Forced segregation of the backward-economic or social, is a crime. But by voluntary segregation by attaching a tag to themselves, any section will only harm themselves in the long run.                    To flaunt anybody's social status or higher economic power is arrogance. To flaunt somebody's poverty and backwardness - real or imaginary is antiwisdom. It is not somebody's fault that one is born poor, but it is one's own fault if one does not work and earn and does not have the confidence in one's ability to win. Humility, more...

The results of IIT are out. We congratulate all the winners and all the participants. A good player should take part in as many matches as possible. Our exam is only one match. How you play every time, everywhere counts and that decides the quality of a player. Our special congratulations to the winner of the year, Achin Bansal of Faridkot. This proves that to do well, one need not be from big cities. We wish him all the best. In our editorial in Physics For You, we had mentioned that if the report that 80% of our graduates are not fit to be trained is true, then we have to change the system of training. Here is a news that proves that what we said is correct. Mr. Anand Kumar who runs the Ramanujam Institute in Patna, took economically disabled children, trained them, giving free accommodation and food. This more...


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