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Last year the National Book Trust of India organized The World Book Fair at Pragati  Maidan, New Delhi. It was a –grand Occasion for me. As I am very fond of books, I with my friends decided to visit and watch this mega festival. The entry was free for the students. Hence, we went to the Book Fair on the Very inaugural day.
The book fair was indeed a spectacle to watch. There Were hoardings everywhere "All for books and books for all." Each hall was segmented into many stalls managed by the respective publishing houses. There were local publishers, National publishers and International publishers with various kinds of books. Periodicals, Teaching Aids, audio-visual materials, computer software and hardware etc. We were very happy on seeing that.
Books on wide range of disciplines such as Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Children books, Literature were displayed in almost all stalls. There were a few tails where we saw books on performing arts, books on Finance and Management, books on anatomy and medicine, books on law and income tax, university books and sponsored books.  But what attracted us most was the huge collection of dictionaries of various publications. They were arranged in a very attractive way. I purchased one dictionary along with many books on science and technology. I also bought a few books on literature.
The book fair attracted a large number of men and women and a much larger numbers of students. Men and women were at their casuals but the students were seen very busy in watching and buying the books. The stalls which had displayed children's books were crowded with small children with their parents. They were not only enjoying the grand event, but also purchasing pictorial and colourful books.
Every stall was very impressive no doubt, but the most attractive among all was the seating arrangements made for the enthusiastic and curious readers by few publications. I and my friends spent at least two hours with these publications. Here also I bought some books which appealed to me. My friends also bought several books. As the clock struck eight in
memorable words, we returned back home with the bulk of books in our hands. On the way I remembered Francis Bacon's words, "some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested." I think I purchased only those books which are to be chewed and digested. To add to this, all the books are of permanent value and therefore I was feeling satisfied.
I wish that such book fairs may be organized every year to stimulate the students to read more and more books.


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