Archives May 2008

Recent Nobel Prizes and not so recent ones have shown that every branch of science has felt The impact of advances in other branches however remote they appear to be. Chromatography, discovered by a botanist and x-rays by a physicist have found applications from biology (this includes medicine), to nuclear physics. However, of late, medical science has catalyzed technology tremendously because of the prospects of immediate applications. EEG, £CG, CT Scan, PET, MRI, Ultra Sound Scanning, X-ray imaging and medical lasers are only a few of them. Simple determinations of potential differences in the various parts of the brain give information about which part of brain is active for which activity. Yet the mind and the will of man has to be studied more thoroughly. Studies are getting quantified. Still a lot of research needs attention. After utilizing the latest technique, do we just look at the results and study more...


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