Archives May 2003

Over the last decade large number of medical professionals are turning into successful medicocrats - beaurocrats with medical background. It is more so true when the UPSC decided to introduce medical sciences as one of the optional subjects. 2-3 decades back students from arts background used to rule the roost in IAS but now a larger proportion of candidates from technology, medicine & physical sciences background are entering the civil services. The 1990 - 1999 survey shows that 6 % of those selected belonged to medical stream while the remaining 37 % & 57 % belonged to engineering & arts/humanities/commerce backgrounds respectively. Comparing this with the Eighties, medicocrats comprised only about 4 %. In year 2001, 11 doctors were in top 20 whereas 2 doctors .are in top 20 in year 2002. This new trend has raised a few points. • The UPSC is conscious that the civil service examination more...


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