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Last year, our school visited the Deegha Beach among other places. The Deegha Beach is situated in Midnapore district in West Bengal on the Bay of Bengal, about 300 km from Kolkata.
We took night bus from Kolkata. It started at 10 o'clock. Our teacher took the seat near the door while we all sat behind. We sang songs, cracked jokes and talked to enjoy ourselves. We all fell asleep at about 12 o'clock while the bus drove at its normal speed in the stillness of night.                                  
Our bus reached the Deegha Beach as early as 4 o'clock. We hurriedly hired a hotel room and left our luggage there. Then we all hurried to the beach in the dark of early morning. We hurried because we wanted to see the sunrise.
The beach was made of stone along the groves of coconut trees. We sat on a long wall facing the mighty ocean before us. Gradually the dark began to give way to light. The ocean waves were slowly striking the beach. After some time, the eastern sky grew purple and then it became red. In a few minutes, we could see the upper edge of the sun from behind the ocean as if it were coming out of the ocean. It was very soothing to the eyes. Our eyes remained glued to it as the crescent of the sun increased. And when it was about half, it almost sprang out like a ball and soon it was in the sky in all its glory. In a few minutes it shone brilliantly and we could no more fix our eyes on it.
Now the waves rushed to the beach. We went into the sea and bathed for a long time. When the water level rose, we returned to our hotel. There we took bath and wore clothes. After breakfast, we returned to the beach to see the waves striking the stone wall hard.
On the horizon we could see many fishing trawlers. It was a beautiful sight. In the evening, our bus started back to Kolkata. We sat in it looking out of window with the memories of beautiful sunrise still fresh.         


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