Jet nebulizers versus controlled-dose nebulizers

Category : Pharmacy

 Controlled-dose nebulizers are more expensive than jet nebulizers and may require supervision of a clinician. However, they have the added advantage that the quantity of drug received by the patient can be accurately controlled and measured.  Therefore, for small-scale trials they offer significant advantages. Nebulizers allow formulation in solution and so overcome some of the challenges of stabilizing the drug. However, fragile Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) cab be denatured by conventional jet nebulizers. The drug is delivered as an aerosol created by a compressor blowing air through the solution or suspension at high speed. In contrast, a controlled-dose nebulizer uses vibrating mesh technology that is much gentler, and therefore less likely to damage the drug.

New study trials have shown that controlled- close nebulizers might reduce formulation costs and facilitate early-stage efficacy trials.  Melbourn Scientific, a contract analysis and formulation company, has developed A rapid formulation screening service for poorly soluble drugs. It has been working with its clients to develop formulations that can be used in first-in-human trials.



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