Comprehensive gene map for human brain

Category : Pharmacy

The Alien Institute for Brain Science  has   recently  released  the  world's anatomically   and   genomically comprehensive human brain map. The mappings are the foundation for the Alien Human Brain Atlas, which is an online public resource, developed to advance the Institute's goal to accelerate understanding of how the human brain works and fuel new discovery among the global research community.

While developing the Alien Human Brain Atlas, the Alien Institute characterized and mapped the biochemistry of two normal adult human brains. This has provided opportunities for scientists to study the brain with new detail and accuracy. The data reveals a remarkable 94 per cent similarity between human brains, establishing strong foundation for translational and clinical research. The data analysis from the two human brains also indicates that at least 82 per cent of all human genes are expressed in the brain. This highlights the great complexity of the human brain while also providing an essential genetic blueprint to understand brain functionality better and fuel research in neurologic disease and other brain disorders.


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