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With the Indian education system on attack lately for paper leaks etc. there is still something good about it and this is amply depicted by selection of two (and may be more) students in PMT's from the

lower strata of the society. Kirtan Sahu from Raipur is the son of a ward boy at a private nursing home.

Similarly Vaishali Wankhede from Nagpur slums is the daughter of a rickshaw puller. Both have cleared PMT's and are set to become doctors. Similar feat was achieved by Dungra Ram Choudhry, a Rajasthan village boy, who topped IITJEE in 2003.

Both the parents have in income as low as Rs. 1500 per month and yet against all odds their children have done what was least expected, especially in today's society where attending costly coaching classes and buying expensive Pre-medical books has become the norm today.

With the Indian crab mentality where if someone tries to break out of society norms, as Kirtan or Vaishali did, they are often ridiculed and demotivated. When Kirtan had announced his intention of becoming a doctor at his school, his aim had become the mockery for all. He was told that becoming a doctor was not the cup of tea for poor families.

We need students coming from lower strata to become doctors as there are more closer to grass roots level and will most likely go back and serve where urban doctors dread to go. This sentiment is echoed by both. Kirtan wants to serve the people in his village where even a primary health centre is missing and Vaishali wants to fill up the space created by lack of medical professionals in 'her' society.

MTG over the past 22 years has been fulfilling the aspirations PMT students especially those from the middle and lower strata of the society by providing low cost education material in the form of magazines, books, correspondence course, test series etc. Imagine 320 pages of high quality magazine matter published each month in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics Today for just Rs. 80 only. Similarly books are published which are priced at or below Rs. 200 which every student can afford. Also free testing is done for him at the national level at no cost. Now this same low price mechanism has been extended to classroom coaching where a student can attend edusys contact classes of 100 hrs. duration for Rs. 4500 only at that also without compromising on the quality of teaching.         


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