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The PMT market involved in preparing students for the various pre-medical tests is huge. It is characterized by large number of publishers - small and big - who publish  various products to help students to get through PMT's. When a student visits a book store shopping for PMT books he comes across a variety of books. Some publishers wanting to make a fast buck come out with cheap, low priced book 'clones' (e.g. 10 years solved papers) but the content lacks quality. Besides, doubtable content, they contain typographical and factual errors. These errors can prove fatal in the exams (as even one mark counts) and the student ends up paying a heavy price for buying a low-cost 'cloned' book. Many student understand the folly late which leaves little time for remedial action.

A good, well researched and authenticated book is like a good teacher for a student. It guides him in his preparation and paves way for his success. A bright student understands this and will always evaluate the book. This can be done by crosschecking for errors randomly while going through the book at the book store itself. Later at home, the checking can be' done extensively. If there are too many errors then it is better to avoid using the book. To avoid all these crosschecking hassles you can simply go for a quality publisher. Also buying what the successful candidates have read and recommended can help you in your buying decision.

MTG being a pioneer in this field has carved a niche in the PMT segment by publishing various magazines and books. It is unique in the sense that it offers a focused, in depth, updated and authenticated study material-. MTG also promotes student- teacher interactivity wherein the student is encouraged to clear his doubts by sending concept clearing cards which enables him to clear his concepts free of cost. In short it offers qualify study material at a low price which appeals to students all over India. This has been demonstrated over the years by various PMT toppers who have read and recommended MTG products.


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