Making PMT’s safe

Category : Editorial

It is unfortunate for the Indian education system to have people like the CAT scam kingpin, prime accused in the CAT and PMT scam, making a mockery of the fairness of the exams. After doling out numerous MBBS seats he now wants to contest for the most coveted seat in India - a seat in the parliament The kingpin who allegedly made crores by leaking. Exam papers, including CBSE-PMT and AIIMS, now wants to be a part of the institution which makes laws for India. 

"What is your problems?" says one of his supporters, “He has only helped people become doctors and engineers. Has he committed murder?" It is for the people especially the parents of exam going students to decide whether he has committed murder? Has he not murdered the career aspirations of hundreds of sincere, hardworking students who toiled hard for number of years to clear the PMT's? Hasn't he frustrated them attempts of many students and taken them to the point of depression and dejection when their hard work couldn't see them through the PMT's, especially when about 500 seats of CBSE. PMT clandestinely went to students from Bihar, helped by the kingpin.

It's been more than 4 months since the scam was unearthed nothing concrete has happened with respect to bringing the kingpin and the 'doctored' students to justice. The authorities in order to nip the crime in the bud need to take equally several action against the people who want to get in through the easy route.                                       

Making the CBSE-PMT two tier may act as a deterrent but will become 100% fool proof and safe is too early to say. Also the CBSE, which conducts the exam, is yet to address the question concerning CBSE PMT 2003 topper, as to why the topper gave the exam when he did not want to attend the counseling of take a seat.                                    

The parents and concerned education bodies need to have forum and file a public interest litigation else this scam will repeat itself. It will be a blow to Indian professional education system as the world which takes so much pride in Indian doctor and engineers will start looking at them suspiciously.     


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