Bell the Big Cats

Category : Editorial

The investigation into the CAT scam and the not - so – recent CBSE PMT paper leak scam is still underway. Some arrests have been made and daily some news about the investigation reaches the student community via the media. But behind all this media hype the investigating agency have yet to

bell the big cats without whom the scam would not have reached such a proportion. Catching the DTP operator working in the CBSE office or the numerous middle men (and women) is important but catching the kingpin and the beneficiary students their parents and the big cats who perpetuate

and indulge in such racketeering is even more essential. If this is not done then such scams will reoccur and career of more and more genuine students will be sacrificed. Sincere and hardworking students will continue to be demoralised.

If scamsters are bold enough to hood - wink the investigating agencies by figuring out legal loopholes (including bribing their way out) then this will encourage other such scamsters (who want to make a fast buck running into crores) to operate at free will.

All this will ultimately make a mockery of the Indian education system where institutes like IIT/AIIMS/IIM's are considered world class. A flawed admission system will eclipse the glory of these institutes. The investigation agencies need to speed up their investigation and ensure that the high and mighty are booked.


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