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Today o lot of students grow up and dream to become doctors. But to clear PMT's and get admission into a good medical college is a daunting task to clear PMT's students need to work hard and smart. A good student always has a smart strategy whereby he makes a judicious use of both limited time and resources That is where coaching classes play a significant role. But they have many short comings which may not suit a student especially when the timings are awkward and a student finds it very tiring to come back from school and then again sit in a classroom, often till late in the evening. The student hardly gets any time for self study. So lot of students switch to a correspondence course where they get the liberty to follow their own schedule and study at their own pace. Also it helps them to prepare well for the exams as it saves them the trouble of going through lot of books which results in confusion and time wasting. Hence correspondence courses are suited for those who do not have time to attend classes or do not have access to them (such as staying in remote areas). Besides students con clear their doubts online or through problem solving cards and in order to gauze their preparation levels can sit for all India level tests. Now a days student-teacher interaction is also promoted as contact classes are conducted.

All said and done a correspondence course has its downside too. It depends on the postal system. The students may miss out the competitive spirit which he may encounter in a classroom Also the student should be really prepared to do self study. One should be prepared to do lot of hard work, with utmost sincerity should have a good grasping power (so that he doesn't get struck with concepts) and finally be motivated enough to complete the course in the stipulated time. The above are essential prerequisites for acheiving success via self study. There are a plethora of correspondence courses available in the market but go for a correspondence course which offers you good quality contents, printed on a good paper in a easily readable format, offers you enough scope for testing and evaluation and gives you other value additions like concept clearing, contact classes etc. If finally you still cannot decide which correspondence course to go for, talk to some of the successful students Biology Today recommends EduSys Correspondence Course as it gives the students an excellent course material with extensive testing and evaluation, PMT helpline and doubt solving, and contact classes. Also many of their students have got top ranks in PMT's.


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