First be a Doctor then become an IAS

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Over the last decade large number of medical professionals are turning into successful medicocrats - beaurocrats with medical background. It is more so true when the UPSC decided to introduce medical sciences as one of the optional subjects. 2-3 decades back students from arts background used to rule the roost in IAS but now a larger proportion of candidates from technology, medicine & physical sciences background are entering the civil services.

The 1990 - 1999 survey shows that 6 % of those selected belonged to medical stream while the remaining 37 % & 57 % belonged to engineering & arts/humanities/commerce backgrounds respectively. Comparing this with the Eighties, medicocrats comprised only about 4 %. In year 2001, 11 doctors were in top 20 whereas 2 doctors .are in top 20 in year 2002. This new trend has raised a few points.

• The UPSC is conscious that the civil service examination  system has a 'technology bias1'. Steps have been taken to update the syllabi and question papers with the aim of ensuring a level. playing field for examinees with any background - science or non-science. Despite such measures, the fact is that candidate from a technology background are In a better position to qualify

• Another point raised is regarding the 'wastage of resources arising from doctors and engineers joining the civil service That is, why be a doctor when you finally want to be an IAS? The States spends at least 2 lakhs each on a medical graduate. This is a question of 'relativeness'. In a convocation address to AIIMS students, former Chief Justice Bhagwati warned that most doctors passing out from prestigious institutes end up going abroad. This is the case with the IITs too. So, In totality It make more sense retaining our valuable human resources In India only. Also doctors with their rigorous 5 and a half years professional training and with their analytical bent of mind come out as good administrators. Also these students after being selected through rigrous exam form the lop cream of students along with IIT and other Engineering graduates. Hence these students will naturally prefer civil services which attracts the best and the most talented

Most doctors- including medical associations- have opposed any plans to prohibit the entry of medical graduates into the civil services. If engineers and doctors are debarred from the civil services, the quality of the services will surely be affected And finally, Justice demands that everyone gets an equal opportunity.


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