Secondary School Level

The silent monster – “Pollution”

Outline: Defining pollution. Pollution as a universal problem and factors contributing to air pollution. Water pollution and diseases caused by it. Factors contributing to sound pollution. Steps taken by India to control pollution.

Pollution is the abstract cause for the shortcoming of life on the earth. Pollution can be defined as an undesirable and excessive addition of some toxic substances in air, water and soil. Pollution has adversely affected and changed the natural and original quality of environment. This in turn has gradually become unfavorable for living organisms on the earth.

Pollutions are residues and leftovers of various things that we produce, use and throw away. The things that unfavorably disturb our natural surroundings are known as pollutants. Today the problem of pollution is universal as it is experienced by various nations. People are compelled to breathe contaminated air as there is no another alternative unless the sources of air pollution are minimized and controlled. One of the common factors of air pollution is carbon mono oxide gas. This gas is produced by automobiles. The industrial plants producing cement, chemicals, etc. are the principal sources of air pollution. They release different gases, dust particles, fumes and poisonous smoke. Moreover, excessive use of insecticides and pesticides discharges pollutants in the air causing air pollution.

Any kind of adverse effect in the chemical and physical characteristic of water makes it contaminated and unfit to use. This leads to water pollution. The industrial waste materials contain harmful chemicals and acids. They act as an agent of death to the aquatic life. Polluted water causes diseases like jaundice, typhoid, cholera and other long-lasting health problems. Moreover, oil spill from the oil ship tankers in the seas and oceans causes severe damages to marine birds, fishes and water dependent animals.

Various factors contribute to sound pollution. Different vehicles are in continuous movement. They increase the level of noise. Besides these, loud speakers also disturb the peace of the locality by increasing the level of noise. The sound pollution causes physical discomfort and temporary or permanent damage to hearing. It can even cause emotional disturbances.

India has taken her own pollution control steps and measures. Agriculture provides livelihood to about two third population of India. Awareness about harmful effects of chemical pesticides has been a great gain to the environmental movement and controlling the pollution. The use of thin poly bag is prohibited by the government, as they are harmful to the environment. Using it has become a punishable offence. In short lesser the pollution longer the life of the living brings on the planet.


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