Science Projects And Inventions



  • Two dice
  • A glass


This is  one experiment that you can baffle your friends with. Take the two dice and hold it against the side of the glass as in the illustration. The tricky part is to throw the dice into the air, one at a time and ensure that it drops in to the glass. It is easy to toss and drop the first dice in the glass. But if the same thing is  tried with the second dice, the first one tends to fly out of the glass. Allow your friends to try and do it. They won't be able to do it either. Here is how you can catch both the dice in the glass.



The secret is not to toss the second dice. The idea is to let the dice drop and then lower the glass fast so that it falls  into it. The first dice will pop upwards up to a short distance. But its inertia will keep the dice falling faster then the speed of the glass moving downwards. Therefore the dice stays in the glass.


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