Science Projects And Inventions



  • A ring
  • A string


Many decades ago, novelty stores sold this item as a gimmick. But you can make it at home simply by tying a small weight, such as a ring to one end of a piece of string.

Call a friend over and tell her that should she hold the free end of the string, and suspend the ring over a man's hand, it will begin to swing back and forth in a straight line like a pendulum.

Again should she hold it over the hand of a woman, it begins to swing in an ellipse.


This is an instance of how a belief unwittingly influences our hand. Should you find a person for whom the gender indicator works well, you could try this.

Let the person hold the indicator so the ring is suspended inside a drinking glass.

Just tell him the ring will begin swinging and hit the sides of the glass indicating the nearest hour of the day, the right number of times following which it will stop its pendulum like movement.

Believe it or not, this too works often enough.


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