Science Projects And Inventions



  • A jug of water
  • Glasses , cups, bowls etc. , of different sizes
  • Newspapers
  • Some white paper
  • Red and blue marking pens


Take containers and glasses of different shapes and fill them with water. Pour all the water from each container into a measuring jug. Measure the water in the jug and divide the total quantity by the number of containers. This is how the average amount of water in each glass can be calculated. The weather column in your newspaper shows the daily maximum and minimum temperature. Make a note of the temperature for a period of fifteen days. On the blank sheet of paper, draw the axes of a graph. Make 15 divisions on the horizontal axis and label these as days. Divide the vertical axis into 5 degree units. Begin with the maximum temperature for each day. Mark the temperature on the graph in red ink. Do the same for the minimum temperature with a blue pen. Join the dots with a line in their respective colours. The two lines you see on the paper may not look like the ones in the picture above but you would have understood how a graph is drawn. Graphs are used for seeing changing trends and for calculating averages.


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