Science Projects And Inventions



  • A large wooden match
  • A safety pin


You can try this trick to make a match go through a wire. Just remove the head from a single wooden match stick. Push a safety pin through the match as shown in the illustration. Shut the pin and then hold it in a horizontal position between thumb and forefinger. Now with the tip of a finger of the other hand press down on the end of the matchstick and slide your finger quickly off the end of the match. It would seem as if the match has gone through the safety pin.



What really happens is that the match rotates rapidly around its axis. The movement is so rapid that the eyes cannot follow it. Owls perched on the branch of a tree create a similar illusion. If you happen to walk around an owl it is likely to rotate its head to follow you until its head has turned as far as it will go. The owl then turns its head around so rapidly that you hardly see it move. It would seem to you that the owl has turned its head around 360 decrees.


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