Thermo Fisher Scientific announces breakthrough workflow for metabolomics

Category : Pharmacy

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc recently announced a breakthrough workflow to overcome key analytical and informatics challenges in metabolomics. The workflow integrates new application software- Thermo Scientific SIEVE 2.0 differential expression analysis and Mass Frontier 7.0 structural elucidation software with powerful new Thermo Scientific High Resolution Accurate mass (HRAM) instruments: the Q Executive™ high performance bench top quadrupole-Ortemp™ LC-MS/MS and the Orbitrap Elite™ hybrid mass spectrometer. The revolutionary new products accelerate even the most complex metabolomics studies

Thermo Fisher Scientific in North America. "The new capability in SIEVE™ 2.0 software eliminates the most significant bottlenecks in current metabolomics data-processing, enabling scientists to find the most promising putative biomarkers quickly." SIEVE™ software is an automated solution for label-free, semi-quantitative differential expression analysis of proteins, peptides and metabolites. Using this software to pre-filter the high-quality accurate mass data generated by Thermo Scientific mass revolutionary new products accelerate even me most complex metabolomics studies. Spectrometers greatly reduces the number of compounds that need to be identified, increasing the throughput of complex biomarker discovery experiments significantly. SIEVE software is expanded to address each of the most tune-consuming challenges in metabolomics.  


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