The Importance of Books

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Books are a storehouse of knowledge. All that men have observed, learnt and experienced over the centuries has been enshrined in books. In other words, it is in books that the great minds of the past ages are kept safe for generations to come.

Books are our best friends. Even our closest friends andnearest relatives may part company with us in time of adversity, but books always stand by us. They stand by us through thick and thin. They never betray us.

When the dark clouds of misery engulf us from all side and we feel helpless, books come to our rescue. We read them, consult them and regain hope and confidence which no living human being could impart.

In earliest times, man was uncivilized and barbariansomeone thought of writing and when he joined tin written pages to form a unit, the first book took its birth.

Previously, books were handwritten and weresometimes lost as the printing press came, books began to be printed in thousands such that if one book or some books were lost there were almost always a few more left to keep the author's ideas alive.

Now, we have books of all kinds on all branches of life We have books on literature, philosophy, sports, history, astronomy, astrology, poetry, cookery, doll-making,soap making, physiology, hygiene, geography, Mathematics, fiction, science & technology, painting,photography, drama, indeed, on any and every Conceivable subject. Much depends on our own aptitiuh'and necessity which type of books we want to read.

In the modern computer age, some people fear that thedevice like the internet may spell the end of books. we have seen, it is a fallacy as books have their ownplace in our life. They are indeed, indispensable and that is an indisputable fact.


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