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Hunting is of many types. Someone hunts with the eyes, the fair sex. Sportsman hits the ball with foot, stick or a bat. Soldiers hunt the life of the enemy's army. Pickpocks hunt for the pockets of others. Underworld mafias hunt for the life of their counterparts Dacoits and thieves hunt for the money which some rich people
have. A person who is fond of drinking hunts for a bottle of whisky to quench his thirst. So every member of the society is hunting for one thing or the other.
To overcome the problems of the food man started hunting animals. After sometimes hunting was looked upon as a spor) though for royal and noble families. He hunted all types of animals as adventurous deed. But man soon got bored of hunting as it became a one sided affair in the age of modern equipments and latest modernized rifles which are so accurate that a poor animal has no chance of survival. As the game of hunting was taken as an adventurous deed, there was practically no adventure left at all. Man could not cease fun and excitement by hunting animals any more. So he thought of new idea of hunting without risking the life
of the creature and may also provide him excitement and fun. He thought of painting the animals and other creatures on paper and preparing clay models. But the idea failed soon as it required the great knowledge of sketching and sculpturing, moreover it was not so much thrilling as well as perfect.
Then came the idea of using the camera, camera could provide the delights of seeing the beauty of different types of birds as well as of the other creatures, just by clicking a button of the camera. In the previous days the cameras were not very sophisticated and they were too heavy to handle them. But with the passing of time and modernization it has become possible that even small children can take a photograph of anything. The results are very satisfying. i,    Now the time has come that man should not leave this path of non cruelty towards animals and may be enjoying the hunting with camera only.


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