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Introduction. (Brief history) The Union Carbide of India Limited was founded on Dersa road in the North of Bhopal in 1969. The carbonisation Unit was started in 1977. The M.I.C. plant was installed in 1980.

Many mishaps of firing and leakage in the factory. This factory had already suffered many mishaps of firing and leakage of poisonous Gas in the past years too. Every lime it was declared that victims Alone were responsible for their deaths. It was an uninhabited place at that time, but now it is a thickly populated area.

Signs of permanent danger. This plan was showing permanent Danger. But it could no he easily shed else-where since its Construction cost had cost Rs. 28 crores. The American Company too was quite often approached and made aware of the impending Disaster but no result

Description of the great tragedy. (1) how the tragedy happened. The Deadly M.I.C. gas leaked from the factory on December 3. 1984when The MIK' plan was cleaned with water. Water entered in it and Changed M.l.C. liquid gas. The pressure in [he Lank rose Ro so High degree that it tore opens the blocking safety bulbs. The gas went Out of control it could not he transferred to the empty gas tank. Not only the whole compound of the factory was engulfed in gas but also The entire city was turned into a gas chamber. The gas clouds flew towards the city.

Panic among people. The smell of the gas caused a panic among the peopled l lie illicitly populated township. The people vacated the Town, they in as quickly as they could for saving their lives. Most of The people were cough unaware while still sleeping.

A great disaster. many people got unconscious by inhaling the toxic gas a great number of people died of suffocation or stoppage of the respiratory system. Many people died after bearing fury of Chest pains or inflammation. Many people became blind or semi-blind Due to eye sore, inking smell of the gas clogged the noses.

Dreadful scene. Dead bodies lay scattered everywhere. The Verandahs and galleries of the Humidify hospital were housed with Gas victims. A learn of doctors was attending upon the patients In tents and m. medical centres. Dead bodies were lined up in open lawns. Many children were put into graves one upon the other in the same grave, coffins or even a pinch of salt could not be provided to the dead bodies.

Ghastly sconce of the city. Like human beings the cattle also died of inflammation. Their mouths were foaming and their tongues were hanging outside. Cruel death did not spare these innocent and dumb Poor creatures. Deal h was hovering over all creatures. It was showing Its naked dunce crushing the creatures and human beings under its Feel. The city gave a deserted look. It looked like the doomed city of the death.

After effects of the tragedy. Many people for paralyses and many others suffered from permanent brain damage. Even the survivors should not presume themselves as unaffected. They too are likely to suffer the serious effects ranging from invalidity to death. Those where suffered from congestion may develop serious lifelong lung ills like Vibrosis of the lungs or bronchitis. The lung disorder may develop into kidney and liver problems.

Conclusion- The industrial disaster was a sort of holocaust which has curbed our economy, related the present and future generations. It has claimed a heavy toll of our precious lives.


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