Overlapping Topics

Category : Editorial

Whether one is studying physics, chemistry or biology there are certain topics which always overlap. Statics and dynamics including projectile motion in physics sometimes overlap with mathematics. Kinetic theory of gases, nuclear and atomic physics and radioactivity ore common to physics and chemistry. But certain topics are also in different levels.

Now genetics, structure of DNA, RNA, protein and their action will be common between chemistry and biology. These overlapping chapters hove one advantage. Students know that subjects cannot be put in water tight compartments.

One should learn to have an overall picture of science. However, when the same topic is dealt with in two subjects with varying rigour, students are at a loss to know which one is correct. Certain portions are dealt in detail in chemistry and the calculations of the Bohr atom model is more important in physics.

Now that even Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Biology have overlapping topics, certain topics can be put in one or in two or even three subjects provided the chapters are identical. In any case, a phase difference in the same topic could be harmful for a correct learning.

Perhaps after NCERT and CBSE books are written, a single board can review all the books with experts from all the fields. If necessary, two or three persons from different disciplines can sit together and rewrite certain portions to have uniformity this could be more productive with less room for students to commit errors.

However, keeping common topics will help the students to take on overall picture. Earlier the compartmentalisation in thinking is broken, faster will be the development.


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