New Biology without Barriers

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Theoretical models/ experimentation, remodeling the theories to explain the experiments is a cycle. This cycle is repeated many times before a sound theory is developed and application to the unknown fields attempted. This is the law of science. Of all sciences, now it is biology that is expanding so fast from being a purely descriptive science to a science with vanishing barriers. While most of the Indians as well as many all over the world are very religious with strong beliefs/ and certainly with tolerance towards all, we have been overtaken in our own field (?) by the Americans.

Yoga is good. Any proof ? To be religious is good. Any proof ? This is what is provided by the scientists of the university of Pennsylvania under the leadership of Dr. Andrew Newberg, director of the new centre for spirituality and the mind, investigating how spiritual and secular beliefs affect the mind has been shown by mapping the brain. A team by twenty scientists are working in the group.

"The brain is a believing machine. Beliefs affect every part of our lives. They make us who we are". Dr. Andrew says that the same feeling that is achieved by religion is also obtained by artists and let me add musicians. We believe that anybody seeking perfection 'is religious. We have performed experiments in various universities in India and later U.S.A. also, the effect of music on plants and patients.

Now they have found that the brains of yoga practioners change with the practice of yoga. Professor Andrew says "The sky is the limit as far as the things we can study". Alzheimer's disease is their first target. Have we tried it on mentally disabled children ? To believe without knowledge is superstition. To have disbelief without knowledge is equally superstitious.

We might have tried our best to improve the health of India. Obviously our best has to come to the level of the world's best. This is the time to do some path breaking work in our country. There is only one path for the salvation of our country or the world. The key is knowledge - the right knowledge and more knowledge. Research with an open mind. 


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