Health and Medical education are inseparables

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Any government has certain primary duties to the citizens. Security of the nation, providing the people education, health, affordable means of livelihood and so on. The list grows as the government is more and more following the dictum of being a government of the people, by the people, for The people.

The law of demand and supply is a direct consequence of the primitive concept of the early industrialisation days. This principle is "laisser fairs", that is, to allow the economy of the country and the people to reach equilibrium through mutual actions and reactions which are not often equal in economics.

In the modern world, education has also become a very profitable industry. When lakhs or students, even this is only a minute fraction of our student population, want to become doctors or engineers and The available seats in medical colleges and universities and IITs are Just a few thousands, education becomes a very fertile field for investment. When government colleges could not cope up, many philanthropic individuals, captains of industry and other groups came to the help, This was later also seen by some as a means of making easy money. When a disease spreads, the doctor has to step in. The government has taken now the right step in creating a single regulatory body for medical education with complete control of syllabus, standard of education and fees.

Now medical education is the responsibility of the National Council for Human Resources in Health, which will supervise every single activity connected with health. Medicine, nursing, dentistry , rehabilitation and physiotnerapy, pharmacy, public health, hospital management and allied health sciences are all going to be governed by this Council.

This is a formidable job. The government has the backing of every Indian to successfully implement the Herculean task of unification without fear or favour. This first step in unification should be a precursor towards a total change in the education in Engineering and Sciences.


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