Clashing date of Exams

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Once again there is a problem of the dates of exams. AFMC of Pune, Karnataka's Corned - K's Under graduate Entrance Test, Maharashtra Associate CET (AMUPMDC) hold their exams on 6th May. UGET Manipal exams are from 3rd April to 1Oth May. But they are ail on-line exams. While we do not request that every exam including fashion technology exam of NIFT should bother about the exam dates of other institutions, it is common knowledge that many students attempt both Engineering and Medical exams and finally choose the one where they get a 'good' course which means the course they ask for. At least the entrance exams of Medical, Engineering and for undergraduate courses of l.l.T. for pure sciences should not be on the same dates. Then who will change the date?                   

This is a situation which can be best tackled by LJ.G.C. Education is not teaching alone. But till the final results are out, U.G.C. has a stake in the smooth running of the universities. As the institution which has the interest of every university, a request to registrars can set right this year's problems. But if it is made a routine that every exam dates which concerns all the states in India should be cleared by U.G.C., the problem will find a permanent solution. The procedure should be mandatory. In case of unavoidable situations including elections or calamities, the universities could be allowed to change the dates to suit local convenience.

Entrance examinations are common for all l.l.T’s and many institutions also value their ratings. Maharashtra's Associate exams and common exams for several institutions are also in vogue.

To avoid the multiple payment of fees and multiple preparations, a step towards unification could be first one set of exams for l.l.T. and one for A.I.I.M.S. and a common program and common exam for all the states for every course and every university. This could be valid even for l.l.T.'s to band all the exams together and admission to various courses can be after a thorough interview. There is no reason why CBSE and Delhi board or Haryana board exams should have any difference.

This is the time for the centre and U.G.C. to step in. Unified syllabus, uniform high standards of education and equal opportunities have to be enforced. A expanded UGC with larger powers and larger number of members who can physically monitor what is happening in various states is the answer for many ills facing education today. Their duty should be enlarged from not only granting recognition and giving grants but also to see that the standard of the universities are kept up, that the exams are held properly and that there is no disparity in fees within a state and between the states.


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