Any Research is Good without crossing the Ethical Limits

Category : Editorial

Research in biology is touching new heights. Delving deep into the secret of genes, altering the genes to cure the incurable, studies in stem cells all these show the increasing frontiers of the knowledge of mankind.

However there are also causes for anxiety about some of the research that is going on. Will they be contained within the limits of ethical values? Starting with genetic doctoring to cure the patients, one is envisaging the use of genetic control for criminals. In the hands of regimes where human rights are unheared of, as much harm can be done to humanity in this century as during the second world war concentration camps. The camps are not there. But the techniques are improving.

The kidney racket by a set of unscrupulous "doctors" is a crime that could not have happened in any other country. This is due to unbridled greed on one hand versus poverty and ignorance. The only way to combat this is by education of the masses and eradication of poverty and putting down such crimes with an iron hand .

Stem cell research is fine, but we say no to embryonic cell research. It is not without reason that embryonic stem cell research is unlawful in developed countries.

It is of course interesting that scientists are now able to filter those particular cells which contained dystrophin. Injecting them to mice, the specimens could grow muscles without side effects such as growth of tumours as it happened earlier. Will this research remain ethical? Going by earlier records, how can one handle commercialisation of embryonic cells?

India has to set an example how without violating the ethics, our doctors can help the people to live a healthy long life. There are medicines without a trace of violence against human beings or animals, with total care for ecology.

The whole population is one organism. A part cannot be destroyed for the good of the other part. We will not do it for our body- Why should one allow this to be done for the whole what one cannot allow for the parts?


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