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There are cinema halls in almost every town. But there is circus hall anywhere. They are possible in big cities like Bombay Calcutta and Delhi. Going to cinema has become a habit. But it is not so with circus.
Once there arrived a company to my town. The company announced its arrival to the people by loud-speakers and distribution of hand-bills, t was glad because I had not seen a good circus before.
I reached the circus ground in the evening before the time of the show. There were many other students of my school. We went together in a party to the manager and requested him to give us tickets at the concessional rate. He agreed. So, inspire of the great rush we bought our tickets before the start of the show. The circus hall was very big. It had been erected on beams and was covered with thick cloth. There were seats one above the other all round. There were seats on the ground also near the ring. Others sat on carpets on the ground. The bell rang after short interval.
At the right time there came an actor. He showed his feats of physical exercises, there was a little girl she could turn her body in any direction. She could make a bundle of herself. It appeared that she had no bones. There came other actors who showed their skill in riding horses. The rider could leap from one horse to another. Sometimes he stood on the back of a horse. A man showed his skill in riding on a cycle in all kinds of ways. A girl danced on wire. Another rode a cycle on a wire. A monkey also rode on a cycle and caused a great fun. Many elephants saluted us with lifted trunks. All animals were well trained.
The most difficult was shooting with an arrow with eyes blind- folded. The most interesting was the show of lions. They obeyed the orders of the ring master inside the cage like goats. The ring master boldly whipped them when they made mistakes. He sat on a chair. Two lions stood on the either side and put their paws on his shoulders. A third lion stood behind and put his paw on the head. Then a goat climbed on the back of the third and stood there. His was the most wonderful scene.
We all wondered at the intelligence of man who can train and control the wildest animal in his way. We returned home talking of the feats and actors.


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