A Single Exam for a Single Nation

Category : Editorial

The call for one All-India Entrance test for MBBS by the Medical Council of India has come just in time.

In one stroke, multiple exams and multiple criteria for admission in the various states will be eliminated if this suggestion is implemented. This will also remove the frustration of the candidates running from Kanyakumari to Kashmir to write half a dozen exams.

Still we have miles to go to arrive at uniformity. Seats for every course in every state should be filled on the basis of the All India Examination. Just as for Central Services, people normally residing in one state can serve in any State Cadre they want to choose, students should be free to give their options to study anywhere. Filling the seats should be strictly according to merit to avoid any heartburn. Justice demands it.

As for the seats reserved for weaker sections, the same principle should be followed.

State quotas, district quotas and municipal quotas should all be abolished along with management quotas. The government should honour and respect all those who open private colleges and schools and any activity that spreads education. But money cannot be put above merit for the purpose of admissions and cut-off marks, Today there is a rare coincidence of the views among the Ministry of Human

Resources, The Knowledge Commission and The Medical Council of India. The Ministry wants a single CBSE system for The country, The Knowledge Commission wants an all-out expansion and upgrading of knowledge on all fronts and the views of The Medical Council of India are identical. There cannot be a better time for the immediate implementation of all these ideas because tomorrow may be too late. Let us think of the interests of India. Local patriotism is passe.


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