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Indian Superstitions


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Posted by Wed, June 19th 2013


Introduction. India is one of the most populated countries of the world. It is in its developing stage. We are struggling with so many social  evils at present. These evils obstruct our progress and smooth functioning in any field. Superstition is one of those obstacles which prevailed in India for a long long time. We have become so sick of it that even the highly educated persons of our society pursue this evil. They involve in many superstitions at the time of any function, festival or marriage ceremonies
Reasons of superstitions. All superstitions are baseless and foolish They are the inventions of idle and silly people. They have become to stay permanently in our homes and all sections of society. We find the role o disbelief at the time of every occasion. Our belief in luck and magic is too much. None can waver it; None can make us shed our wrong religious opinions; We all believe that our success and defeat are guided by our luck. It has been experienced many times that, some students do not work hard during the examinations and expect a lot from their luck. So, we Indians are highly superstitious.
Our opinions about superstitions. When we go out of our house in the morning, a sweeper or a broom must meet our eyes for a good luck of the day. Since this meeting is considered to be extremely auspicious. If a cat crosses our path or a woman with an empty pitcher or pail in her hands meet us, we feel greatly upset. Our mood and the plannings of the day both are spoiled. We feel puzzled. These examples are considered to be excessively inauspicious as per Indian superstitions.
If we wear an iron bangle in our right hand, we will not feel afraid or scared. Even in our sleep we will enjoy peaceful dreams. There will be no disturbance regarding ill-wills or ill-feelings. If a student eats curd or pudding while going to the examination centre, his paper will be easy and his success in the examination will be sure shot. It is an idea of  silly mind.  There is no logic behind these petty feelings. If we try to be superstitions in a foreign country, the people will laugh and make fun of us. We will be a laughing stock in their company. 
Superstition is the state of sick mind. It is not wise to say that people who are illiterate and living in rural areas are more superstitious. Even a highly educated and science Post-Graduate student falls an easy prey to the trap of disbelief. We find him having faith in witch-craft or a devotee of black magic. There and then, people invent stories justifying their stand. Whenever a student or any person does not get success in any particular undertaking, then he becomes superstitious.  
Completion. The tale of our superstition is quite sickening. It is very dismal. All of us, both educated and uneducated feel helpless before the power of superstition. It cannot bring happiness in our life. We should not believe in such ill-practices. We should have faith in ourselves and work  hard with firm determination. Then we will get all success", in our life.

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