5th Class Science Matter and Materials Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Minerals

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*        Rocks and Minerals



Lithosphere Lithosphere of the earth mainly consists of rocks and soil. Rocks and soil both are natural resources. Rocks are made up of grains called minerals. One or more than one minerals are present in one kind of rock. Minerals can be seen or can't be seen with the naked eyes. Minerals are very important natural resource as they contain ores, from which metals and non-metals can be obtained profitably.  


*            Types of Rocks




Examples Rock type Property Uses
Basalt Igneous Dense and dark fine grains  
Granite Igneous Light colored, larger grains Making building, Statues and roads
Pumice Sedimentary Light colored containing together Scrubber
Sandstone Sedimentary Grains of sand cemented together Building making
Conglomerate Sedimentary Mass of pebbles cemented together  
Shale Sedimentary Smooth made up clay Tiles and bricks
Limestone Metamorphic Thick sediments of chalk Cement and brick metallurgy
Slate Metamorphic Low grade metamorphic rock formed from shale etc Slate, black beard, building
Marble Metamorphic Colorful, can be polished and carved Statues and building
Gneiss Metamorphic Formed from granite omamental stones
Quartzite Metamorphic Made from metamorphosis of sandstone Construction of building


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