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Water has more mass than kerosene even though though they both have same volume, water has more weight than kerosene.



  • Any thing that has weight and occupies space is called matter.


  • Matter has mass and occupies space. Matter exists in three states: solid, liquid and gaseous states.                            


  • Matter is made up of tiny particles called a molecule. A molecule can be broken down further into smaller units called atoms.


  • In solids, the attraction between molecules is very strong. Solids have fixed shape, size and volume.


  • In a liquid, the attraction between molecules is not very strong, but molecules stay together. Liquids do not have a fixed shape and can flow freely.


  • In a gas, the attraction between molecules is very weak. So, in a gas, molecules move freely. They do not have a fixed shape or size.


  • One form of matter can be changed to another form by increasing or reducing the heat. Solids melt to form liquids. Liquids change into gases.


  • When a solute is dissolved in a solvent, a solution is formed.


  • The amount of space occupied by an object is called its volume.


  • The matter that makes up a body is called its mass.


  • Water is one of the few known substances which expands when it freezes. Thus, ice occupies more space than water.


  • The increase in the size of the matter on heating is called expansion


  • The decrease in the size of the matter on cooling is called contraction


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