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  • Subtraction is the opposite of addition.
  • Taking away things is called subtraction.
  • The words difference, left, remaining, taken away, less etc., mean subtraction.
  • The symbol for subtraction is -, read as minus.
  • The number from which another number is taken away is called minuend.
  • The number that is taken away is called subtrahend.
  • The answer we get by subtracting a given number from the other is called difference.







Note: The difference of two numbers is lesser than or equal to at least one of the numbers.



  • We can subtract numbers using a number line.g., 5 - 4






So, 5 – 4 = 1.  

  • We can also use our fingers, draw lines and remove objects to subtract numbers.
  • Subtracting numbers by writing them in a line (across) is called horizontal subtraction. e.g., 10-4 = 6 (Across)   
  • Subtracting numbers by writing them one below the other (down) is called vertical subtraction.






  • Subtraction using Ones: Subtract the numbers and write the difference.






  • Subtraction using Tens and Ones: Subtract the ones first, write the difference and then subtract the tens.



e.g., (a)                (b)     





Note: Subtract ones first and then subtract tens.


  • Subtracting 0 from a number gives the number itself as difference.

e.g., 6 – 0 = 6  

  • Subtracting a number from the number itself gives 0 as the difference.

e.g., 3 – 3 = 0

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