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  • Time is measured using a clock.
  • A clock has numbers 1 to 12 on its face, a short hand called the hour hand and a long hand called the minute hand.






  • Some clocks have a third hand called the second hand.  
  • In 1 hour, the hour hand moves from one number to the next number on the clock.
  • In 1 hour, the minute hand goes once around the clock and comes back to its starting position.
  • When the hour hand is at 3 and the minute hand is at 12, the time is read as 3 o' clock or 3: 00.
  • We use 2 dots (:) to separate hours and minutes.
  • 24 hours of a day are divided into day (12 hours) and night (12 hours).
  • The time between 12 o' clock in the midnight and 12 o' clock in the day is called forenoon (Morning).                                

The time between 12 o' clock in the day and 12 o' clock in the night is & called afternoon. (At 12 o' clock it is noon.)                           


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