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A bud is a compact undeveloped young shoot consisting of a shoot apex, compressed axis and a number of closely overlapping primordial leaves arching over the growing apex. Buds which develop in to flower are called floral buds.

Nature of buds : According to nature they are following types :

(1) Vegetative buds : These buds grow to form only leafy shoots.

(2) Floral buds :  These buds grow to form flowers.

(3) Mixed buds : They produce both vegetative and floral branches.

Position of buds : They are of following types :

(1) Normal buds : These buds are borne on stems either terminally or laterally. Since they are borne in normal positions, they are called normal buds :

Apical buds : They are borne at the apex of the main stem or a branch. They are also called terminal buds. Cabbage is a large apical bud.

Lateral buds : The buds, which are borne in any other place except at the apices of main stem and its branches, are called lateral buds.

(2) Adventitious buds : When a bud grows from a position other than normal, it is called adventitious bud.

Bulbils or Specialised buds : Modification of whole buds into swollen structures due to storage of food materials are called bulbils. e.g., In Lilium bulbiferum and Dioscorea bulbifera, the bulbils develop in axil of leaves; in Agave, floral buds of inflorescence transform into bulbils; In Oxalis, they develop just above the swollen roots.

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