Study Packages for NEET Physics

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Topic Test - Transmission Of Heat


Topic Test - Thermodynamical Processes
Topic Test - Kinetic Theory of Gases
Topic Test - Thermometry, Calorimetry & Thermal Ex...
Topic Test - Work Energy Power
Topic Test - Friction
Topic Test - Newton's Laws Of Motion
Topic Test - Vectors
Topic Test - One Dimensional Motion


Topic Test - Refraction of Light Through Curved Su...
Topic Test - Refraction of Light Through Plane Sur...
Topic Test - Reflection of Light
Notes - Sticking of a Person with the Wall of Roto...
Notes - Stopping of Block Due to Friction
Notes - Coefficient of Friction Between a Body and...
Notes - Maximum Length of Hung Chain
Notes - Minimum Mass Hung from the String to Just&...


Notes - Motion of an Insect in the Rough Bowl
Notes - Motion of Two Bodies one Resting on the Ot...
Notes - Work done against friction

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