Study Packages for NEET Chemistry

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Topic Test - Redox Reactions


Topic Test - Chemical Bonding
Topic Test - Periodic Table
Topic Test - Structure of Atom
Notes - General Methods Of Alkyl Halides
Notes - Organometallic Compounds
Notes - Some More Important Halogen Derivatives
Notes - Halo-Arenes
Notes - Unsaturated Halides (Halo-alkene)


Notes - Tetra-Halides (Carbon tetrachloride, \[CC{...
Notes - Tri-halides (Chloroform and iodoform)
Notes - Preparations And Properties Of Dihalides
Notes - Properties Of Alkyl Halides
Notes - General characteristics of Halo-Alkenes
Question - Assertion And Reason
Question - Critical Thinking Haloalkanes
Question - Uses of Halogen Containing Compounds


Question - Properties of Halogen Containing Compou...
Question - Preparation of Halogen containing compo...
Question - Introduction of Halogen containing comp...

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