Study Packages for NEET Physics


NEET Physics Study Packages

NEET Physics Study Packages

  • Actual Price : 13395 +
  • Offer Price: 999

remove_red_eyeNumber of Packages : 451+ updateSubscription Validity : 1 Year(s)

Note: Discount is available till 08 July 2020 only! Course amount Non-Refundable!

  • The number of package may vary time to time.
  • Study packages are available in soft (PDF format) copy only. After buying you will be able to read over any android device (Mobile, tab etc.)

Recent Study Packages

Notes - Equations of Kinematics


Notes - Motion Under Gravity

Notes - Velocity Time Graph

Notes - Position Time Graph

Notes - Acceleration

Question - Assertion and Reason

Question - Graphical

Question - Critical Thinking

Question - Motion Under Gravity


Question - Relative Motion

Notes - Speed and Velocity

Question - Non-uniform Motion

Notes - Rest and Motion

Question - Uniform Motion

Notes - Distance and Displacement

Question - Distance and Displacement

Assertion and Reason


Graphical Questions

Critical Thinking


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